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Choosing an electronic cigarette is both simple and difficult at the same time. Why is that? The answer is very simple - literally every month new models with new features appear on the hover market. In this regard, the rating of boxing mods can change, but there are constant favorites who hold for a long time in leading positions. In this article, we will consider all options to buy an electronic cigarette or mod was much easier. 

The first thing that is desirable to do is to decide for everyone what result you want to receive. Fashion electronic cigarettes and starter kit are the main categories into which vaping devices are divided. Each category has its own advantages and features that make it possible to choose the device as efficiently and correctly as possible and enjoy the process of soaring. So, electronic cigarettes!

How to buy an electronic cigarette mod? Such questions arise quite often, so let's start with the simplest. Most often, electronic cigarettes are devices that resemble a felt-tip pen in shape. They appeared due to the rapid interest in disposable electronic devices, which were as close as possible to ordinary tobacco cigarettes in size and shape. “Felt pens” are appreciated due to the fact that they are much more environmentally friendly, relative to disposable cigarettes, and at the same time do not take up much space and have a convenient weight, unlike mods. Why? It is not always convenient to walk all day with a large battery pack in your pocket. Previously, electronic cigarettes did not give the opportunity to let huge puffs of vapor, but now there are already many solutions on the market that can easily compete with medium-sized boxing mods. What devices are you talking about? For example, about SMOK Stick V8 , SMOK Stick X8 , ELEAF iJust S , SMOK Vape Pen Plus These solutions will be a great start for beginners who do not want to deal with the device for a long time. Fashion electronic cigarettes is worth those who need dimensions and simplicity really matter. Not one experienced vaper chose the above solutions as a camping-tourist option, so as not to carry the main large battery pack. A large number of varieties and modifications can be found on https://vawoo.co.uk/ We move on, which boxing mod to choose?

Mods, they are boxing mods, they are also battery packs and MechModes are a more advanced and functional version of devices for soaring. Outwardly, they are distinguished by the fact that they have a larger-sized case, however, due to this, there is the possibility of their functional advantage over “felt-tip pens”. Among themselves, the mods are already divided into battery packs and MechModes. At the initial stage, it’s rather difficult to explain the difference, so this information can be read in more detail in our blog. 

It’s very difficult to highlight new boxing mods, as literally every month Smok , Eleaf , Kanger TechWismec  and other brands are pleased with new solutions. But let's try it all the same!So, top boxing mods


Among them, according to many vapers, the best boxing mod at the moment is WISMEC REULEAUX GEN3 . This situation was achieved through innovative technologies and high-quality device performance.

However, the rating of boxing mods, so let's get acquainted with a list of all worthy solutions.

In addition to the above models, it is worth noting the representatives of 2016. What kind of models are we talking about? About legends and classic soaring! Let's start with the  Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC  and the updated version of the Joyetech Cuboid 200 . Many experienced vapers hover on this device, as this is one of the first not expensive mods with two batteries. So what? I agree, the support of 2 batteries is not a strong advantage, but in combination with a small and ergonomic case, an informative display and good functionality, this solution quickly gained popularity and took its place in the history of soaring devices. The latest version of the mod already runs on three 18650 batteries and is capable of delivering 200 watts.

Impossible not to say about Wismec Reuleaux 2/3 - This is a powerful and functional mod of the premium class, capable of working on a choice of two or three batteries. The first thing that all vapers note is a great price. There are many representatives on the market with similar functions, like the RX2 / 3, however, all competitors are almost $ 100 more expensive, which is quite a significant saving. For beginners, this solution is not very relevant, so we will not talk much about this model here. 
And the final point in the best boxing mods will be the Joyetech Evic Primo Mini This is one of the best options for beginners and soaring in general. Why? Because! The easy-to-use device will give you the opportunity to soar, not to suffer. Convenient housing, and nothing more, and because nothing more is needed for soaring. 

Many may say that in this article some models are missing. Therefore, we offer to subscribe to our social networks and read / watch our blog. All a thick, tasty and saturated steam !!!